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"As America becomes reduced to stories about Trump - for or against, we must remember that the US is much more than Trump. Countries are so much more than their leaders - countries are the heartbeat of the people, in all their essence and flows. We should not reduce ourselves to the stories of our leaders." -Darlene Miller, PhD

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La Llorona

I vividly recall my first concert at the Ford Theatres in 2000. I don't remember how I ended up there but the theatre has a way of leaving a watermark on one's memory. Returning to the Ford in 2016, this time as a producer, I had the opportunity to see Lila Downs sing again. Lila’s songs are often striking commentaries on social conditions, reflecting migration and the search for roots as a core human need. Many of these same themes inform my own work today.

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Hollywood, City of Dreams

From Bjork in a paper skirt or Meshell on her bass at the Glam Slam in Downtown to listening in awe of Dwight Trible at The World Stage in Leimert Park to seeing De La Soul at The Viper Room - a certain kind of Los Angeles music scene shaped my formative years.

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