Little Boxes


The art of production requires quite a bit of compartmentalizing. Sifting through ideas, expectations, logistics. Striking a balance between doer and dreamer, artist and administrator. Recognizing my own strengths and weaknesses and also those of the people with whom I work. There will always be challenges that come with creative collaboration. The question is: Where do you put disappointment, personal pain and setbacks when, invariably, challenges come up but the show must go on? You put it in a box. Isolate the issues. And then apply extreme focus on one thing at a time. When things begin to progress, close one compartment and open another. Repeat. I am learning that my ability to compartmentalize, prioritize, and focus is becoming my most important skill in completing any task at hand.

How can I pour my whole music-filled heart into a project yet stay emotionally detached enough to not let challenges or judgements derail the work? I choose not to recoil. I choose to keep walking forward. It is we lovers of art who invest our attention and time into our creations. I will keep my little boxes and compartments and rooms inside my mind with a password like a speakeasy door.

Andrea Miller