Activism in Action


What does activism in action look like? For Go As If, one way is being intentional about where we put our dollars. At Astral Progressions last week at the Ford Theatres, backstage catering was provided by Asmaa's Kitchen - a new arrival family from Palestine that I met through Miry's List and New Arrival Supper Club. Asmaa puts so much love into the food with things like za'atar from the mountains of Palestine, homemade ghee and baklava like you cannot imagine.

Go As If is proud to have created the new logo for New Arrival Supper Club! Miry's List has accomplished so much in service to newly-settled refugee families thus far and I am honored to serve their non-profit in this way. 

Enjoy this video about Miry's List's New Arrival Supper Club and consider donating on a regular basis to our new neighbors resettling in the US.