“Say it with Your Work” | Hala’s Story


Go As If is honored and proud to have had the opportunity to produce this video spot for Miry’s List’s “Friendsgiving” campaign. We spent a day in El Cajon with two Syrian families who welcomed us with open arms to share food, laughter and their stories.

In 2019,  30,000 refugees will resettle in the U.S. Mostly families arrive with young kids, leaving behind family, friends, and virtually everything they own to find safety and a brighter future. 

Miry's List is a nonprofit organization that provides a mechanism for people to directly help New Arrival families from Syria, Afghanistan, Iran, and Iraq with the things, people, and services they need to thrive in their new lives in America.

During the month of November, Miry’s List is empowering folks worldwide to support their next 100 New Arrival families by gathering with friends, sharing a meal, and raising money to support these new members of our community. 

Andrea Miller