Finding A Line

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Go As If had the pleasure of creating some animated promo clips for Finding A Line: Skateboarding, Music and Media, an unprecedented collaboration with renowned pianist and composer Jason Moran that explores the intersection of skateboarding and jazz at the Ford Theatres in Hollywood on Sept 29th. Improvisation abounds as local skaters shred a ramp on stage to a musical response performed live by Moran and his group The Bandwagon.

To create the promo clips, I worked with visual artist, Yu Maeda, who hails from Kumamoto, Japan and now resides in Huntington Beach. Since meeting Yu-chan in 2014, through my dear friend Ayumi from Kyoto, Japan, we’ve worked together several times to both exhibit his original works and also create gifs and animated spots for previous shows I’ve produced. Between his work with Hit+RunSuperchief GalleryGiant Robot, to mention a few, I’m always excited to work with him.

Finding a Line celebrates the creativity of the full breadth of the skateboarding community, including musicians, photographers, filmmakers, painters, graphic and fashion designers, as well as skateboarders themselves. The week of Finding a Line programs at the Ford is part of an ongoing, nationwide community-sourced public art project.

Andrea Miller