Kaleidoscope Love

 Photo by Marlene Picard

Photo by Marlene Picard

Earlier this year, I worked with artist Jayna Zweiman, and during our conversations and exchanges, encountered her piece entitled both "it considered other facts, other views" and "you have an interesting face."

We'll include the installation of this piece on Saturday at Ford Theatres as part of Go As If's pre-show art project for the family concert series Big World Fun. Inspired by the beautiful costumes and colors of Kim Eung Hwa Korean Dance Company, kids and their families will be making DIY teleidoscopes with one of the most mundane household objects: cardboard toilet paper tubes, and shiny mirrored paper (thanks, Blick on Beverly!).

The piece is a simple construction that is dependent on context - who is looking through it, the light, what is on the other side. Because of this, no one experiences it in exactly the same way. It encourages the viewer to really look at a small piece of what is in front of them and experience it in a new way. It plays with how we see and how we examine the spaces we are in. Just a few mirrors can change everything. The scale of the piece enables people to share the experience and interact with each other.     --Jayna Zweiman, Artist

For more on Jayna's work and how YOU can participate, check out Welcome Blanket, a project that confronts issues around immigration and refugee resettlement through a tapestry of handmade blankets. The work explores how political activism can be “positive, creative, and collective.” 

A big thank you to Jayna for lending us the piece. 

Here's a recap of our Saturday morning with the kids at Big World Fun:

To join us for the last Big World Fun show of the summer, find details HERE.